About Us

Brandin’ You is a creative branding and packaging agency helping your brand come to life.

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What We Do

We work with brands that have already established their presence and brands that are just starting out to help them make their mark.

- Our agency builds on strategic planning, innovation and expertise to create original packaging and unique brand identities.

- A team of designers, strategists, and writers is dedicated to helping build powerful brands that can connect to their truest selves.

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Design aligns with life as they are interchangeable expressions of one another. That’s why we believe that a brand’s success depends on the right visual representation of the brand strategy.”


Founder & Creative Director

Core Values

Quality Before Everything

Quality takes precedence in everything we do. We believe the constraints of time and cost should never come before quality. This is one principle we never compromise as we set the highest standards for our work before everything else
Whether you own a microenterprise, small business, or holding company at the regional level, we ensure excellence.

Executional Expertise

We give our all when it comes to working on projects, and by ‘all’ we mean the sum of the experiences we’ve gained over the past decade. Our executional expertise is based on an understanding of the importance of the brand and its visual identity as a prerequisite for the branding process and eventual launch so that it represents the essence of your business.
We’re proud to say that our know-how is a collection of diverse experiences totalling up to 20 years in the domain– from devising the branding strategy to the moment when your product or service reaches the target group.

Long-lasting Loyalty

We are here to stay. As a team, we strive toward excellence because we believe that an investment in branding and packaging is an investment in your future that can only increase in value with time.
Not only are we a design agency, but we are also your advisors on a-to-z branding and packaging. We promise to be the voice of truth, which means that sometimes you will hear what you don’t want to hear. We’re fierce protectors of your project, which means we’ll be working on the details from production cost, to vision and strategy, to customer perception of the brand.
We are loyal to the brand and its success.

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Identity in bahrain

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We’d love to hear about your brand and business challenges, even if you’re not sure what your next step is. No pitch, no strings attached.