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Founded by experienced travellers for escapers and adventure seekers, OLAT Travel and Tourism creates the best solo and group travel experiences for Omanis. The family-owned business centres around reflecting the hospitable Omani spirit and generosity.
Brandin' You was tasked to create a new identity that bespeaks OLAT's ethos professionally and vibrantly. Through research and strategy, Brandin' You developed a complete branding system starting from naming the business. Then, creating a visual brand that included a geometrical logo and brand support elements representing their role as a travel and tourism business taking people to different destinations from all over the world. A lively colour palette to capture the essence of their pleasurable tours and trips. A social media theme design with a strongly approachable impact.

From day one, OLAT promised to create the best accommodating, warm-spirited atmosphere within their trips and tours and for their customers to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They also promise them unforgettable memories and many stories to tell.

Logo design in dubai

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Packaging in dubai

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