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Reeman is an Arabic word meaning two Reem gazelles. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Reeman Garden is a local farm providing fast-moving consumer products; standard groceries. Unlike any other B2C grocery-providing fields, Reeman targets all classes as well as locals and non-locals. Moreover, they are seeking to become a leading exporter in the UAE. Besides, they offer planting and farm field making and cultivating services. For these reasons, they gave Brandin' You the task of crafting a full visual identity and packaging that will establish a strong recognition in the heavy lane of competitors.

The challenge was to create a well-represented eye-catching image for fully taken care of products and crops. Our team worked on delivering an identity that could express itself visually. We wanted the logo to convey Reeman's name, personality attributes, and the role it plays. That is why we designed a logo icon showing the world within Reeman Garden.

Our design concept was all about paddocks and everything it holds within it. We developed Reeman's theme by creating support elements highlighting farm fields, glasshouses, watering systems, soil, plants, fruits and vegetables, animals, and farming tools. These elements capture the effort Reeman puts in order to bring quality groceries to the consumers' tables.


Every little detail we put on Reeman's visual identity was driven by the conceptual direction of the brand to maintain a solid visual connection with the consumers and to ensure brand recognition. After all, quality groceries need a quality image.

Logo design in dubai

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Packaging in dubai

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