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Founded by chocolate lovers and adventure seekers, Bélfort Chocolate brought the taste of happiness all the way from Belgium to Saudi Arabia. Bélfort Chocolate creates luxury chocolate experiences with every bite, giving customers a taste of magic. We knew Bélfort Chocolate’s brand identity needed to reflect its story, combining the fairytale-like place of origin with the exceptionally exquisite flavors it produces. Our team worked to distinguish the brand with a marvelous, vibrant, and high-quality identity. 

The concept centered around the delicacy of chocolate-making, the magical stories of flavors, and the moments of happiness associated with indulging in a piece of chocolate. Focusing on the brand’s attributes: rich, luxurious, flavorful, magical– we wanted to demonstrate to customers how Bélfort Chocolate is chocolate that could take you places. We also embodied personifiable characteristics such as a traveler’s sense of adventure, exploring of history and architecture, narration of magical fables and stories, and a passion for chocolate. These attributes and characteristics tell the brand’s story, the thread that will connect the customer to the brand. 

Simple yet elegant, Bélfort Chocolate required a correspondingly graceful logo that alludes to the meandering paths leading to beautiful Bélfort Castle. The packages are illustrated with scenery that represent Belgium and France, where Belfort Chocolate originates from. Elements from both countries such as Bélfort Castle and the Eiffel Tower as well as the cityscape and natural landscape are utilized to transform what competitors may market as a sweet treat into an immersive experience, layered to create a sense of distance and depth. For the children’s edition, our designers illustrated a magical realm inspired by local children’s stories and characters. The visual language is accentuated with a pastel color palette that softly highlights the illustrations. This adds a subtle effect of dreaminess, suggests tranquility, and invites viewers to escape to a faraway destination wherever they may be. 


Bélfort Chocolate is a unique love story. It’s a fairytale unlike any other that shows figments of the imagination can come true. The love of chocolate is real and real chocolate is not a myth. Brandin' You supported Bélfort Chocolate’s vision by matching it with a delightful verbal identity. We created a slogan that connects taste to imagination, spreading a whimsical vibe while staying true to the brand’s message. The slogan complements the story which tells about the gleeful journey of chocolate from Belgium and France and its connection to history, literature, architecture, and beautiful landscapes as a depiction of its richness.In addition to the main story, we created a special edition verbal identity for the children’s packaging. It’s a once-upon-time story about chocolate and dreams and possibilites. From Mango Bliss, to Coffeelicious, to A Taste of Home and more than a dozen other names, we gave each chocolate creation a name that characterizes the flavors and filling and, more importantly, that represents the feelings and senses that are evoked when tasted. The verbal identity was completed with descriptions of these names that give the customer a glance of the magic that awaits within the package

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Packaging in dubai

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