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Preparing tea is an art that begins by choosing the perfect tea leaves. Awraq is a high-quality Omani brand that was created in 2019 and is dedicated to selecting premium tea leaves for the art of brewing the perfect cup of tea. 

When we were first introduced to Awraq Tea, we tasted a mix of art and chemistry with a dash of love. After owner Al-Mokhtar Al-Saifi greeted us, he disappeared for a few moments only to return with a teapot which he had prepared himself. It was a defining moment as it became clear to us what the brand’s essence was about. 

Our mission was to translate this moment in the packaging of Awraq, to tell a visual story that can interpret this vision, and to exhibit the measure of care, precision, and passion that goes into the preparation of this tea brand. 

The branding concept centered around the intricacy of the tea-preparing procedure, the earthiness of hand-brewing an aromatic beverage, and finally the heartwarming luxury  of tasting art. With this concept as our canvas, AlTattan Studio integrated various modern design elements with classical features to epitomize the brand’s rich flavor, cultural roots, and universal personality. 

The logo places emphasis on the name of the brand ‘Awraq’ which means leaves. Opting for a classical yet timeless calligraphic Arabic lettering, AlTattan Studio designed a logo that flows like the graceful movement of leaves, while making an elegant imprint in the consumer’s perception. 

For the colors, we chose blue, yellow, and white. Classic Blue instills trustworthiness as it is a dependable color that represents a stable foundation. Meanwhile, yellow emanates warmth and provides an attractive contrast. The Goldenrod hue suggests permanence and simulates the golden color of the tea and its quality. As for white, it is a sophisticated and unobtrusive neutral backdrop that allows the main colors to stand out. 

The illustrations reflect the warm hospitality that Arab tradition continues to honor. A generous spoonful of  tea leaves, scattered leaves, a kettle, and a hot cup of tea are the main drawings incorporated into the packaging. Beautifully illustrated by Ruth Burrows, these elements function as symbols of quality, generosity, and freshness. The overall layout adapts to different materials including paper cups, mugs, fabric bags, foil bags, tin and cardboard boxes without compromising its elegance. 

We savoured the owner’s passion in that first sip of Awraq Tea. Inspired by the warmth of generous hospitality and exquisite quality, we created a packaging and brand identity that adequately and successfully completes the brand’s personality. AlTattan Studio created a packaging experience that is as memorable as Awraq Tea.

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Packaging in dubai

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