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They say food is better when eaten together, as the tastiest meals and fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. It is not just a meal. It is shared memories and experiences. Where will you find a better place to make these memories than SPACE27?

SPACE27 is an out-of-this-space experience. An out-space and galaxy-themed restaurant. They serve a constellation of perfectly delightful meals that makes you and YOUR KIDS get lost in a mouth-licking taste.

To make this experience a reality, they asked Brandin' You to create a new packaging that would appeal to every family member, specifically kids and the younger generation.

With the brand's personality identified as joyful, lively, and dynamic, Brandin' You developed the packaging SPACE27 needed. Leaning on the galaxy and space aesthetic, we evolved it into a full-of-life packaging system. Through custom illustrations, we were able to represent SPACE27 menu items such as burgers, fried chicken, ice cream, and waffles in an adaptable theme for any current or future applications.

A taste from another world needs packaging from another world. The packaging that Brandin' You created was as aesthetically pleasing as the mouthwatering meal served at SPACE27.

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Packaging in dubai

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