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Enatni is both an e-commerce company and a digital platform that includes information for merchants and their current projects in UAE. We set out to help Enatni create a full visual and verbal identity to help them stand out across any number of competitors and e-commerce applications.

Our first task was to come up with a business name while bringing the company values to the forefront. Inspired by Emirati culture, we came up with the name (Enatni). A word from the Emirati dialect that means “guide me” and give me advice.

Next, we worked on creating a brand identity system that would distinguish them. Our main focus was to employ brand imagery, colors, tagline, and any other assets to deliver a cohesive yet flexible brand.

Enati's limited color palette is a mixture of industrial and commercial colors. It consists of industrial grey, attention-getting maroon that communicates professionalism and sophistication, and beige to balance the color palette. Whereas Enati's logo is composed of two speech bubbles one of them holds a tick mark. This allows the logo to unfold the brand name, story, and purpose.

In the market whose seed has sprouted from the water of the creek, Enatni story began. Where people are eager to fulfill their needs and strive for their livelihood. They would shout to those around them: 'Enatni! Guide me! and these words will grant them a helper; one who guides them to their goal and facilitates their affairs among the people of the United Arab Emirates. Time have passed, and the economy of the United Arab Emirates expanded. It was necessary to collect and verify the information of commercial establishments so they would be available to those who need them with the click of a button. So, "Enatni" application would be as if the people of this good land were still walking in the old markets and responding whenever someone called: "guide me".

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Packaging in dubai

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