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One Thirty is a fashion store that sells abayas made in the UAE. With a vision to combine elegance and traditional conservative garments, One Thirty provides modest and sophisticated abayas that range from formal to casual, all the while maintaining the cultural values of local dress code. 

We wanted the store’s packaging to speak for its content. Creating an unboxing experience is not only about design, it is also about customer perception and reaction. With this in mind, the store’s visual identity had to be unique, stylish, and minimalist to meet the qualities of the abaya and modest wear. 

We created a typeface for the logo and tagline, alternating between black against a white background and white against a black background. Black, white and grey are the only colors used, a decision which was inspired by the mainly black abayas as we opted for a classic look. The most notable part of the design is probably the diamonds which represent elegance, high-quality, strength, and brilliance. The final outcome was a classic and elegant package that resembles the abaya’s sophistication and modesty. Hence, we were able to create a corporate identity befitting of the product.

Logo design in dubai

product packaging in dubai

Packaging in dubai

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