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Opex provides digital services for the Information Technology industry. It combines local Saudi insight with international standards to transform ambitions into realities.

When Opex approached Brandin’ You, we instantly knew the brand necessitated a clean yet sharp visual identity that can reflect their digital abilities. We were tasked with envisioning and implementing a strategy that communicates the brand’s values. Strength, professionalism, and potential were the key words underlining this project. With the right combination of wordmark logo, color palette, theme, and brand story– we made it happen.

Our team created a logo that demonstrates the brand’s worth which is complimented by a formal-looking theme that mirrors the company’s reliability in the domain. Inspired by the meaning of spaces, the wordmark logo is a graphic display of Opex’s professionalism and ability to connect projects. We landed on blue and red as primary color choices, while a subtle brown accented the design.

The goal was to show the brand’s character that surpassed expectations in the marketplace while conveying the message. For the slogan, we came up with “Bringing your vision to life” to sum up what Opex is all about: providing the means and connections necessary for achieving client goals. Building on the idea that Opex is more than a connector of digital services, the brand story taps on human potential and the faces behind the screen by centering them as innovators and problem-solvers.

Logo design in dubai

product packaging in dubai

Packaging in dubai

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