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Passion, knowledge, skills, and professionalism were the keys that brought Matchpoint to life. Matchpoint is a professional Bahraini padel and tennis tournaments and events management. It was built upon solid core values, mission, and vision that endeavours to unite, motivate and touch the next generation of tennis players and paddlers. 

Creating a visual identity for highly competitive sports-related business must reflect movement, speed, and mobility. In light of this, Brandin’ You created a logo illustrating the tennis/padel ball movement.  

The colours used are what first draw attention to the logo. Only green, blue and white colours were used and each has its own representation in tennis and padel. The green signifies the tennis/padel ball, the blue represents the tennis and padel court and the white colour is the tennis dress code.

Matchpoint founders took their passion and continued to build on it by learning more and developing their skills. Together, they have been able to bring up a regionally leading sports events management. Their story fueled us to come up with a visual identity wrapped with passion and professionalism to express the founders' fascination for these sports and what they do.

Logo design in dubai

product packaging in dubai

Packaging in dubai

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