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Sama is an online store that provides products and services as part of a collaborative endeavor to nurture children’s talents and abilities. Part of Irtiqaa program for child development in Abu Dhabi, Sama is an extension of a vision to promote a culture of happiness, elevate potential, and help children face challenges of all kinds. 

The Sama team approached us to interpret the store’s concept in visual terms with the ultimate goal of conveying a language that speaks to children. The brand needed a clear visual identity, a logo, and a packaging design that maintained their standard vision across platforms. 

With the brand’s vision and mission in mind, Brandin’ You designed a logo that is both charming and accessible to children and parents. The brand name has  a major influence over the design because it signifies the infinitude of the sky. We chose a somewhat fun and funky font that gives a sense of innocence while remaining rooted in professional grounds. The Arabic letter [ا] at the end of the word Sama is decorated with clouds and a sun emerging from behind to communicate the idea of potential, elevation, and achievement. 

The colors represent the spontaneity, drive, and energy that children possess. Bright, colorful, and spirited; the theme was designed to invite children to be creative and uninhibited. We wanted the packaging to give a sense of freedom rather than containment. This was achieved through drawings and creative design elements which were inspired by children’s imaginations and liveliness. Wild brush strokes and scribbles emphasize the creativity and inventiveness of the child’s mind. The visual identity was executed in the packaging that included boxes and bags.

A child’s mind is like a seed and Sama provides the environment and necessary elements to help it grow and thrive. Our team saw an opportunity to translate the brand’s ambition into its visual identity so we worked on fun design elements, an enchanting logo, and a vibrant color palette. Most importantly, every detail was crafted with love because we believe children deserve only the best.

Logo design in dubai

product packaging in dubai

Packaging in dubai

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