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To serve the community by providing extracurricular activities to pupils between 4 to 12 years old, Irtiqaa offers the “A+” program for this purpose.
To assist them in their vision and mission, a remarkable visual identity has been created. Since Irtiqaa’s project targets parents who are keen to develop their children’s skills, the brand design contains sketches and drawings of kids as well as their handwriting styles. A variety of positive faces and splendid trophies have also been included to increase the motivation and enthusiasm of the young children towards the "A+" program's activities. The theme uses both the alphabet letters of Arabic and English due to the program's focus.

To have the best of both worlds, the branding colour of "A+" consists of two colours: blue and lime. The blue colour is chosen to reflect reliable authority and confidence whereas the lime is to represent the fun and activeness of the pupils. With the combination of these two colours, the brand communicates reliability and trust as well as energy and enthusiasm. The visual identity serves Irtiqaa and makes its program “A+” stands out as a part of its signature programs.

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Packaging in dubai

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