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Coffee. The world’s favorite beverage. The second most traded commodity. A drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. “Wake-you-up drink in the morning and keep-you-up drink at night.” It is a fuel that keeps people running.

Hub is a specialty coffee bar and roastery that serves locally roasted coffee with an extra shot of love. Extra shot of love? YES, extra shot of hub.

Hub’s packaging is designed to transport you to the top coffee-producing countries around the world. Since most of the countries that produce coffee are tropical, we chose fresh-colored, fun, conceptual illustrations to depict these countries’ environments, cultures, traditions, and customs.

We created 12 illustrations for 12 coffee-producing countries. Every detail in every illustration, including the clothes, animals, plants and greenery, surrounding environment, and landmarks portrays the country. For each illustration, we chose colors that echo the hues of the coffee-producing country.

Hub’s package is created to mirror a feeling of playfulness and lightheartedness to all the coffee consumers to boost them with the lively vibes they need as they begin their day and several times throughout the day.

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Packaging in dubai

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