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Ice cream is the taste of love in your mouth, joy melting in your hand, the moment you discover an oasis in this desert life. It is even more so when it is from Icecream House, Bahrain which serves it in different kinds, colors, and unique flavors. 

Because the previous brand identity failed to reflect the quality that Icecream House offers, we took on the mission to rebrand it in order to translate the joy the business brings its customers through its theme, logo, and packaging.

Icecream House offers an array of flavors which are inspired by the region’s traditional sweets and distinctive tastes, so we designed an icon that combines the different types of ice cream it specializes in. This improvement was the solution to the old logo’s lack of success in representing the varieties that the brand offers with four ice cream cones fanned out in four basic flavors. 

We replaced the colored letters which were overly simple, overused, and outdated with a special font that mimics the fluidity or wave-like appearance of melting ice cream to create a cohesive effect with the rest of the brand elements. 

When it came to packaging, we consolidated our efforts to settle on the right colors in replacing the white background that did not reflect the colorfulness and cheerfulness of the product. Notably, the process of choosing a brand's colors is not random, but it rather takes thoughtful consideration into its symbolism as part of the brand’s story. So, we came up with yellow and purple. Yellow is the color of saffron-flavored ice cream, the most popular flavor among Icecream House's customers, while purple signifies creativity and high quality which reflect its standards. 

Last but not least, we worked on designing the brand’s support elements which were clearly absent in the old design. The new elements suggest that the ice cream is melting to the side of the cup. In addition, it reminds customers of dew which is meant to be refreshing and encourages people to fight off the heat by indulging in cold and delicious sweets. 

After finalizing our rebranding efforts, we applied them to all of the brand’s materials while paying full attention to the fact that the new design is meant to do justice to the essence of the product and that Icecream House’s mission to bring joy to people remains unchanged.

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Packaging in dubai

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