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Based in Saudi Arabia, Mathaq al-Zafaran is an Indian-food restaurant that provides an authentic gastronomical experience for foodies who want to savor the true taste of India. 

Saffron is by far the most expensive spice in the world, and it is a main ingredient in Indian dishes. Brandin’ You used this concept for the premise of the visual identity designed to complete Mathaq al-Zafaran’s brand.

We chose the saffron flower symbol for the logo. Since it is both indicative of the brand’s name and main food ingredient, we believe it is a sophisticated representation and even more so, since when opted for a simple clean drawing. The saffron flower was also the inspiration for the color palette. With majestic purple petals and fiery red filaments, we couldn’t turn away from replicating nature’s own intense and beautiful palette. Purple is generally associated with royalty and lavish lifestyles. In color psychology, it is said to imply originality when used in packaging. Meanwhile, red is an attractive color that relates to passion and energy. When it comes to food packaging, studies show that it enhances the appetite, so we took this as an advantage to accentuate the design.

For the theme, we transported the packaging to India with an intricately-designed elephant, a cultural symbol that represents good luck. Bejeweled and decorated with geometric patterns, including mandalas, the elephant represents wholeness and connections to circles like sitting among a group of family and friends around a delicious dish from Mathaq al-Zafaran.

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Packaging in dubai

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