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Banna is a cafe and coffee roastery located in Oman. In Arabic, Banna means aroma or fragrance. It is also a variation of the word that means coffee bean. The layered meaning of the brand's name was the inspiration behind the corporate identity design by Brandin' You. 
Roasting is a heat process that releases the aroma and flavor of the green coffee beans. It induces chemical changes when the coffee beans are exposed to high temperatures until they reach perfection. 
The logo draws attention to the name Banna. Brandin' You designed a unique logo that is modern, polished, and stylish. For the colors, we settled on black, brown, and white to represent the roasted coffee. 
As for the support elements, we chose a theme that characterizes the process of roasting to give a cohesive and interesting effect to the overall design based on the original concept. The overall layout was designed to adapt to different materials including cups, mugs, bags, even business cards, while maintaining its elegance. 

Fresh, fragrant, and fantastic--this was the premise of our design concept. The focal point of the design was the procedure of transforming green coffee beans into perfectly roasted ones, which then wait to be ground and brewed into that cup of pure perfection. Without the process of roasting, coffee would not be the same. Coffee, the way we know and love, would not be possible. The Banna project was a chance for Brandin' You to appreciate and highlight the art and science of roasting and grinding coffee through a simple yet eye-catching design that resonates with coffee lovers.

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Packaging in dubai

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